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By: support | July 04, 2017

Innovative Kitchen Tools

Kitchen  Appliances

I have recently realized a new level of respect for the work that goes into creating delicious, attractive restaurant dishes. I have been on a purpose to recreate dishes from an old Italian restaurant and found it is easier said than done. My journey of discovery opened up a world of exciting kitchen appliances for easy cooking. Some are too fancy and expensive for my basic kitchen, but there are ideal for professional environments.

Ten Great New Kitchen Tools That Can Be Applied To A Professional Kitchen.

Timing is everything in a professional kitchen. You don’t want to be wasting time carefully peeling and chopping fruit and vegetables in prep when there are other important tasks. You also don’t want to be messing around with leaves and juice when presenting a dish at the last minute. There are lots of interesting gadgets that restaurant kitchens can use to make the most of their fruit and veg and save some time.

 1) Pineapple Corer

Kitchen  Appliances

The pineapple corer is one of those odd kitchen appliances that we all want to own once we see. Pineapple is often too annoying to bother with, but it is still an essential ingredient in many kitchens. This corer strips the skin and core without wasting the flesh.

2) Hand Juicer

The new hand juicer is one of those items where you can’t believe someone hadn’t already made it. Adding lemon juice to the top of a dish is tricky when it comes directly from the fruit. This device essentially turns the fruit into an atomizer

3) Strawberry Stem Remover

A strawberry stem remover shouldn’t be a necessity, but it is. This device takes away the green top without damaging the fruit. It is quick, hassle-free and brilliant.


Then there are those must-have kitchen tools for cooking meat to perfection and serving it beautifully. These devices have a range of applications in different types of kitchen. Many of these kitchen aids are sold to BBQ lovers cooking outdoors. 

However, the precision and quality involved mean that they are also perfect for professional kitchens.

4)  Digital BBQ Tongs

Kitchen  Appliances

A digital BBQ tongs and thermometer set is an attractive alternative to the usual meat thermometers that chefs use. Taking the temperature of the meat means that chefs can test if it is cooked without cutting into it. A thermometer on a pair of tongs adds functional element.

5) Roast Cutting Tongs

Roast cutting tongs are a gimmick that has more potential the more you look at them. These pliers grip a large piece of meat while providing the perfect cutting point. This is great in restaurant kitchens because it allows for cleaner cuts and uniformity.

Measurements also need to be precise in a professional kitchen. Some of the following gadgets may seem as though they belong in the home kitchen for easy cooking. However, they could have their place in small, fast-paced professional environments.

6) Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale

Kitchen  Appliances

The digital volumetric spoon scale is one of those products that lives up to its name. It is both a soon and a scale, and it has a digital display. It is a little gimmicky, but it could be great for precise measurements for signature sauces.

7) Perfect Portions Digital Scale

The perfect portions digital scale is sold with an eye to at-home cooking, but it could also work in a restaurant kitchen. The idea is that the scale uses pre-programed data to determine the nutritional value of a portion of food. This could be useful in cafes with a healthy eating ethos.

It is amazing what you can get for the kitchen these days. There are so many kitchen appliances that I wouldn’t mind having but cannot justify. These final options are extravagant but impressive.

8) The Gripet

The Gripet is impractical at home but a must in a professional kitchen. These note-holders are the ideal way to display orders and messages at the line.

9) The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set is an intelligent storage option for professional kitchens that are short on space. The knives slot together, eliminating the need for a cumbersome block. It is also far too expensive for general use at $999.

10) UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer 

Kitchen  Appliances

One item that I might get away with if it were cheaper is the UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer. This device ionizes your water supply for safer, sterilized water and drinking water. At $2795 it is one for restaurants that want their tap water to be perfect.

By: support | March 10, 2017

Robotic Cleaners For Restaurant Cleaning

As diners, we usually come to a restaurant for the food over anything else. However, it takes more than that for us to consider a return visit. There are lots of factors to count when creating the ideal establishment. A great location, pleasant décor, fun ambiance and clean dining area all play their part. We always expect to be seated at a clean table and offered a meal on clean plates with clean cutlery. The whole area needs to be kept as fresh and tidy as possible with continual cleaning and maintenance. I feel it is important that front of house staff remember that regular table was wiping, and replacement knives and forks are just the starts when it comes to cleaning. That is why I am here to advocate the robotic vacuum. 

There Are Forever Going To Be Spills And Accidents In A Restaurant Setting, So Deal With Them Effectively

If we aren’t accidentally knocking over a glass of wine, there will be a mistake by the waiting staff. Even the most immaculate floor can be a mess with drinks, pasta sauce, and soup stains by the end of service. It can be tricky to deal with liquid spills during a lunch service, but I believe it is essential to do so ASAP. This is especially the case in establishments with buffets where we are serving ourselves and transferring food from station to station. Staff should have hygienic, absorbent wipes on hand for accidents during service.

A Quick Mop And Sweep Will Only Go So Far. This Is Why I Recommend Robotic Vacuum Cleaners And Related Tools

The robotic floor cleaner, in my eyes at least, has to be the best cleaning invention in modern times. A robotic machine can cover the ground with a scrubbing action, water, and detergent. This lets them deal with those spills while staff focuses on table tops and other issues. These cordless machines are great tools in large spaces where spills need to be treated effectively. The ones that have a drying function are even more beneficial as they cut the drying time. This means no risk of a slippery floor when us diners arrive for the dinner service.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are also a great tool for dealing with dirt and crumbs in the carpet. This is true under tables or in hard to reach nooks and crannies. The last thing that any of us want is food getting into a seemingly out-of-reach place and causing a smell or insect infestation. The more intelligent the model is, the better the chance of creating a route that it can remember. This feature, as well as obstacle recognition, means that these robots can be left to their own devices.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Are A Vital Tool For Effective Restaurant Cleaning

It is usually all about the human touch with fine dining, but I am certain that robots can help to keep the place clean. It is vital that a restaurant dining area is spotless and ready for customers at the start of every service. This effective process really can make a difference between an efficient, inviting establishment and those that struggle to meet expectations.


By: support | January 11, 2017

Kitchen Equipment To Open A Restaurant

Kitchen  Appliances

Setting up a new restaurant is an exciting task, especially if you are thinking ahead to your paying customers and interesting menu. However, the only way to create that mouth-watering menu is by adding the right equipment and appliances to your kitchen. Here I want to look at some of the most valuable items that restauranteurs need to create the perfect cooking space. I know that some seem obvious, but others may have slipped your mind.

Industrial Grade Cooking And Chilling Equipment:

Kitchen  Appliances

This first item is probably the most prominent on my list, which is why I put it first. If you plan on having a busy restaurant with lots of covers, you can’t have a bad machine. Ovens, grills, hobs, grates and all other cooking apparatus need to be built to last. They need to be able to handle the high heats and fuel consumption of a busy dinner service while remaining reliable. The same applies to any chillers, freezers and other, more specialist equipment that you might decide to use.

Pots, Pans, And Other Related Items:

Kitchen  Appliances

Once you have all of the different pieces of cooking equipment set up, you need to be able to cook. The first place to start is with the sauce pans, stock pots, frying pans and other pieces of cooking apparatus. The more versatile, the better when starting out with your new kitchen. Again, specialist items can be useful for specific menus and dishes, but you need to be sure that they are worthwhile. A wok is a must for a Chinese restaurant but not so much in more traditional hotel restaurants. Consider the quality of the items as well as the capacity. A stock pot needs to be large enough to meet the needs of customers but small enough to fit the space. Pans also need to be tough and heat resistant for long-term use.


Then all the different appliances are necessary to create the dishes within these pieces of equipment. Once we start to think of all the different items that are used, the list seems endless. First, there are all the spoons, spatulas and ladles for stirring and serving the dishes. Then there are all the different types of knives for chopping and cutting the produce. As with the pans and other devices, it is best to start with the multifunctional, essential elements first. It may be worth holding back on specialist items until you are sure they are worthwhile. We all get drawn in by clever contraptions and have buyers remorse when they sit unused in the drawer.

Plates And Bowls:

Kitchen  Appliances

This is one of those categories of appliances that seems obvious but comes quite far down most check-lists. All restaurants need plates and bowls to serve up the finished dish to the paying customers. Strange wooden blocks and plates are fashionable, but we can all agree that a simple white plate is essential. It is important to ensure that there are more than enough on hand to deal with the covers, breakages, and mistakes. This also means having a large set of appetizer, entrée, side and salad plates as well as soup bowls and pasta bowls. With the bowls, it is also important to remember mixing bowls for creating dishes

Safety Equipment:

Kitchen  Appliances

Kitchens are fast-paced, dangerous places. It is not just us amateurs that cut ourselves with knives and set dishes on fire. Why do you think those blue band-aids were invented. This means that it is important for all restaurant kitchens to have a good first aid kit in a prominent, accessible place. Hand sanitizer and cleaning aids are also essential for creating a safe, clean work environment. Finally, every kitchen should have the right fire safety apparatus and extinguishers in place in case of an emergency.

Portable Air Conditioners:

This final item on my essential kitchen checklist may seem odd after talking about some of the most obvious pieces. So far I have mentioned the cooking equipment, other heat-generating machinery and the pans creating hot sauces and steam. This all results in a boiling, uncomfortable work environment. Portable air conditioners could make all the difference by circulating the air and creating a more pleasant temperature. That is as long as they are in a safe, efficient place. I get flustered when my glasses steam up after opening the oven door. I can’t imagine being a professional kitchen without air conditioning