Bars In Dubuque

Best Breweries and Bars In Dubuque You Should Visit

We are going to list the 8 best bars in the Dubuque area you ought to visit next time you are in town. Due to the international COVID-19 situation, we suggest calling the cited locations before visiting for updated policies or hours.

The State of Iowa and the City of Dubuque are now practicing face-covering orders for those over two years old in public spaces, in addition to other practices that may affect your trip to Dubuque.  Here are the eight awesome places open for business in alphabetical order.…

Pepper Sprout

Best Restaurants Reviewed For You In The Dubuque Area

Located across the Mississippi River the town of Dubuque draws flocks of tourists because of its remarkable river-scapes. The restaurants of the city are ready to welcome those tourists with memorable meals and, more notably, excellent and friendly service. Read our review guide to the best restaurants you will find in the Dubuque area.

Caroline’s Restaurant

Hotel Julien is a stunning hotel in the Old Main District, a historical segment of Dubuque, and among its most charming locations. The hotel was started in recent years after extensive renovations were finished, and with that, Caroline’s Restaurant unlocked its doors.…

Italian Restaurants

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Dubuque

If you are a true lover of Italian food, you can enjoy your favorite dishes from any of the following top five Italian restaurants in Dubuque, Iowa. The city’s Italian restaurants will not disappoint, and they will give you a feel of the Italian lifestyle and culture. For most, you can check out their menus online.

Buon Appetito!

Vinny Vanucchi’s Restaurant

Vinny Vanucchi is a superb food outlet that gives you a wonderful experience of a variety of Italian dishes.

The restaurant’s location is at 180 Main Street in Dubuque, Lowa and it opens from 11 am to 9 pm …


Crust -An Obituary On The Loss Of This Dubuque Institution

The Italian restaurant Crust was something of an infamous spot on the downtown Dubuque map. The food and staff could often divide opinion, but there were certainly plenty of us that were regular patrons on the weekend.

The restaurant, which was run by Sarah Thiltgen and her large team, was the place to go on Main Street for a great Italian dishes.

Sadly, the restaurant closed in February 2016.

It may have be many months now since we lost Crust, but many of we still feel the loss. That is why I choose to celebrate the good times and

Crust Dubuque

Everything You Need To Know About The Crust Restaurant

Most people in Dubuque are sure to remember the name, Crust. If they didn’t pay a regular visit to this Italian restaurant, then they will have walked past it on Main Street. The Crust restaurant was a big part of the dining scene in the area for five years.

So What’s Up With The Crust…

It made the most of its prominent position in town and drew in couples, local families, and people on day trips to the city. It was regularly busy as keen patrons tried new dishes or returned for old favorites. It also got its fair share

historical review of the Crust

A Review Of The Crust In Dubuque, Iowa

Historical Review of The Crust Italian Restaurant

The Crust was a well-known Italian restaurant in Dubuque, Iowa. Those of us that remember it fondly may still have trouble saying “was” ever since it became the Barrel House. If you are like me, the departure of the Crust was a blow to the area because of the style of dining offered. Others would disagree and say that it is no loss because of the quality of the food.

I cannot quarrel with the fact that it certainly divided opinion in its time. It had the ambiance, location, and pizza options