Commercial Kitchen Equipment Often Used

It is easy to become overwhelmed by a list of equipment and appliances when creating a new restaurant kitchen. The more I consider the tools that go into making all the best Italian dishes I have enjoyed, the longer the list gets. A checklist of all the necessary tech is excellent, but it isn’t enough when planning out an effective, functional space.

It is as important to understand how each of these elements fits into the kitchen as a whole. In this guide, I want to go beyond some of the key items that new restaurateurs need to their practical implications.

Consider The Layout Of The Kitchen Before Deciding On Your Appliances.

There may be a particular type of oven, blast chillers, or another device that you feel is ideal for your style of cuisine. However, it can only actually be considered ideal if it works within the space, and your chefs can use it with ease. The kitchen’s fast-paced environment requires a clear flow from the preparation to the line and into service. The smaller space, the harder this is. Be realistic about the number of burners that can fit into space.

Organization Is Important In Any Restaurant Kitchen.

Once you know what equipment you need, you need to be able to keep track of it all. I can’t keep track of all of my teaspoons in my kitchen. It must be a nightmare in a fast-paced professional environment with utensils I couldn’t even name. There are potentially hundreds of small items in use.

This varies from cutlery for diners and for tasting the food to every pan, ladle, spatula, and knife. The organization helps kitchen staff keep track of where equipment is, who is using it, what items are clean, or any missing items.

Be Realistic When It Comes To Some Of The More Niche Appliances.

Many new restaurant owners can go overboard with their wish-lists of equipment. There are lots of fun, specialist devices out there that can set a kitchen apart from other restaurants in town.

I feel that a stone-baked pizza brought out on a wooden paddle is better than “easier” methods. Practicality does depend on the food you are serving and the item’s place within the kitchen.

Start with the essentials to get the kitchen up and running and use your profits and experience to determine the next purchase. Perhaps wait until next summer to put home-made gelato on the dessert menu and focus on the entrees.

The Cost Of This New Restaurant Make-Over

I hate to end on this note, but this vast list of items will mean a massive bill. The cost of fitting out a commercial kitchen can be astronomical to first-timers who don’t fully appreciate the project’s scale.

A large piece of the budget will go on that industrial-grade burner and chillers, but there are plenty of pans, utensils, and other appliances that need to be in place for opening night. Making a wise investment with the right equipment is important. Remember that you will make money back with a profitable approach, a big menu, and an efficient kitchen.