Foodies and home chefs love to try different recipes in the kitchen for their families and friends. Some of us will revel in the chance to try new cuisine from foreign countries. Others have a deep ethnic heritage where international dishes are a daily occurrence.

Families become drawn to the smell coming from the kitchen, then drawn to the table, but these aromas can linger a little too long.  This problem calls for an air purifier to remove the lingering odors, home chefs could buy one with the latest HEPA air purifiers to help with the smell problem.

The dinner dishes are often enhanced by aromatic herbs, spices, and other seasonings. The aromas and flavors are fantastic during the cooking process and dining experience. It lifts dishes, pleases the taste buds, and evokes memories, but then you do not want your house to smell days later.

In this air purifiers guide, we will discuss this issue in more detail, looking at the different problems and air purifying solutions available today.  Then we will also look at some of the latest HEPA air purifiers on the market. From there the guide will look a little deeper at why these machines are so useful.

Nice Clean Air Inside

Are there simpler options than using a potentially expensive air filtration system? Let’s consider some of the quick fixes that aren’t complete solutions.

There are plenty of articles that talk about simple solutions for eliminating odors in the kitchen. However, these options aren’t always helpful or practical for all families. They include:

  • Eliminating odor-producing ingredients
  • Closing off the kitchen
  • Cooking more pungent dishes outside

1) Eliminating Odor-Producing Ingredients

This is one of those “prevention is better than the cure” air cleaning solutions. Some suggest that the easiest thing to do is to stop producing those odors in the first place. This sounds simple but isn’t really the best advice.

First, it takes a lot of the fun and experimentation out of cooking. It eliminates the spice racks and some fish products completely. Secondly, this is also out of the question for those families cooking the food of their heritage. We can’t simply tell Indian families not to use their patented curry recipes.

2) Closing Off The Kitchen

This makes sense for those dining alone, as there is no reason to keep the kitchen door open. In family homes, this isn’t always practical. Children and parents may come in and out of the kitchen – either through curiosity about the food or to help out. It isn’t such a social affair with the door closed.

Then there are the homes and apartments where the kitchen isn’t even a separate room. There are many apartments with open floorplan kitchen and living room areas. This means that there is no way to trap the smells.

3) Cooking Pungent Dishes Outside

This is all fine for all those that live in houses, and have space and means to cook outside. Not all families have the luxury or the ideal climate, the outdoor space and the equipment to cook meals in the open air. Apartment owners could face eviction for setting up barbecues on their balconies.

Now, let’s look at the following family situations:

  • What options are available for those in problematic climates?
  • Can homeowners do to improve the air quality inside the house and not put family members at risk?
  • What are apartment owners to do when they find it hard to air out their kitchen in a cost-effective way?

What air cleaning options are available for those in problematic climates?

The most simple solution for dealing with smells and odors in the home is to open a window and let the fresh air in. The issue here is that this isn’t always a viable option in all climates and living situations.

There will be some that live in urban areas that can’t get a fresh breeze without bringing in the smells and pollutants of the streets. Some apartments may also have configurations where there isn’t a window in the kitchen area. They may have to open the living room window or balcony doors, which can be a bit extreme.

Some people in hotter climates may have no breeze at all and bring in the high humidity and stifling heat. Then there are those in cold climates that don’t want to lose precious heat through the open window.

What is the quick fix air cleaning solution here?

The simple option for those in this situation is to invest in some scented candles and scented air sprays to mask odors. Masking a smell with a better fragrance is a quick way to deal with these odors in a family home. Scented candles cover the spices and oils with floral scents and other fragrances. Some like to boil some water and cloves or fruit peels as a simple alternative. Others use vinegar and baking soda to absorb the bad odors and contaminants. Freshly brewed coffee also does the job.

The problem here is that this is temporary and limited. It covers a smell with another smell but doesn’t remove the culprit. The scented candles also come with the issues of candle smoke.

Finding an air cleaning system for the job

These problems in well-used family kitchen call for a high-end filtration system within family homes. HEPA filter and other filtration systems are a great way to freshen the air, remove dangerous particles, and eliminate odors. They circulate the air within the kitchen area and air passes through the filter within the system. These filters trap particles that may cause harm to kitchen users and other family members. Some may be basic, with limited air neutralizing properties. Others go further to deal with allergens, pollutants, and other compounds. This is a great idea when the air has nowhere else to go.

A good example of this is the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System. This is immediately popular with users because it classes as hospital-grade technology. This provides great peace of mind for users about the impact of the machine.

The “proprietary” blend of substances in the filters should handle everything thrown it’s way. This stretches from basic odors and chemicals to more dangerous gasses and Volatile Organic Compounds. This is a large model that covers up to 750 square feet with variable speed settings. This means that while it is effective, it will still take up a fair amount of space.

What can homeowners do to improve the air quality without putting family members at risk?

Another concern with the air quality of the kitchen is the health risks posed to owners and their families. Eliminating odors is just one aspect of providing a safe, fresh environment within the home. Those that cook with oils, and then burn scented candles, can pollute the air with smoke and other dangerous chemicals.

The same is true for any air fresheners. They can mask odors and add additional chemicals to the air. Then there are the added risks of other allergens in the air that go undetected. Small particles of dust and mold can trigger breathing issues such as asthma. This is another issue with simply opening a window to eliminate odors. The open window invites pollutants from car exhausts, also well as pollen and other triggers.

What Is The Quick Fix Solution Here?

The quick-fix solution in this situation is to use an exhaust system or extraction fan. Some modern homes and apartment buildings have these pre-installed. They fit neatly into the ceilings and interiors of the building. They are a simple way to remove smoke, steam, odors, and other issues. All users have to do it press a switch, choose a setting, and wait for the problem to disappear. This is great for small issues and immediate problems.

But, there are some problems with this solution. The first is the cost. These systems can be quite an energy-hungry and aren’t ideal for those balancing their energy budgets. The other is noise.

Many systems, especially those with a bit of age, can be quite noisy. This isn’t much fun when trying to enjoy the meal you have made. This noise issue is even worse in open plan areas where users can close a door to block out the sound.

The Benefits of Air Filtration Systems

This is where it helps to find a convenient filtration system to make the air cleaner. Air purifiers don’t just handle odor if they have the right filters. The best will handle smoke, mold, pollen, and other allergens at the same time.

It is all about finding a comprehensive machine that handles the health needs of all family members.  Ideally, they will also be pretty quiet, making them much more advantageous than those large exhaust systems.

This is where comprehensive systems like the Alan Breath Smart can help.  Alen BreatheSmart is manufactured for mid-sized to very large rooms of up to 1,100 sq ft. So you can run it in large living rooms, open floor plan living areas, and bedroom + office combinations.

This air purifier comes with a sensor that continually monitors air quality and automatically adjusts its performance to ensure maximum efficiency and to save energy.

An LED light tells you how dirty your air is. The higher the concentration of pollutants, the harder the purifier works to clean indoor air.

At the highest setting, the purifier engages Turbo Mode to remove pollutants as quickly as possible.  The BreathSmart air purifier operates very quietly.

At the highest speed setting, the noise level is a minimal 56 dB. That’s quieter than normal conversation or background music.  At its lowest speed, the noise is just 41.5 dB which is so quiet you can sleep with it on.

What can apartment owners do when it is hard to air out their kitchen in a cost-effective way?

Air cleaning in an apartment kitchen is more difficult than in some other homes. As seen above, there are issues with the layout of the space, the exhaust system, and the air quality outside. Those extraction hoods seem like a great feature until we notice the cost and noise. Apartment owners need an effective solution for improved air quality in the kitchen. It must suit the space and provide the most cost-effective solution.

What is the quick fix solution here?

The quick fix is to use plugin air fresheners to mask the odors from the meal. These tools are appealing to apartment owners with limited time and money. They don’t need the time and space of some of the other natural masking solutions mentioned above.

Users can plug them into the power outlet and switch them on as needed. This is quick and convenient, but not ideal. These air-cleaning devices aren’t natural solutions. They once again mask the odors, without removing any problems, and add other chemicals to the atmosphere.  The best air cleaning solution here is to use a small, convenient air purifier.

The section above focused on the importance of filtration over design for families with health issues. Here the design is more of a priority. Apartment kitchens with limited space need a solution that is compact and doesn’t get in the way. Models like Rabbit Air’s MinusA2 air purifier are ideal because they are so slim, yet still effective.

The added benefits here are that these models have the option of wall-mounting to free up floor space. In this case, there are also different cover choices. This essentially turns this machine into a functional, air-purifying work of art. This Rabbit Air system also has a choice of filter options. There is the-Germ Defense Filter, Pet Allergy Filter, Toxin Absorber Filter, and Odor Remover Filter. This means that users can customize the system to the problem.

Choosing The Right Air Purifying System For Your Space

There are lots of quick-fix air cleaning solutions and more long-term fixes available. Those that decide to invest in an air purification system need to choose wisely. See the referenced buying guide that goes into this in more detail. The key aspects to consider are the cost, the size, the noise, and the functionality of the product.

What types of pollutants do you want to remove? Is this about eliminating odors or allergens and chemicals too? The size and shape are important for all those with space issues, as is the amount of noise produced.

Giving up the spice rack and those strong-smelling ethnic dishes is never the answer. There are solutions out there to help with odor elimination and air cleaning.

Those that use these ingredients rarely could use those natural masks and a quiet, effective extraction hood. Those that cook these dishes more regularly need to go further with efficient air purification. Understand the needs of the family, the molecules in the air, and the space of the kitchen. From there you can compare different models and filtration options to find the perfect solution.